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I have a very small business (limited company) and am looking for the best free (or very cheap) software, ideally one that can create invoices and import my bank feed.

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You can find below a list of popular free or low cost accounting softwares and their features:

ZipBooks (Free) - invoicing, unlimited vendors and customers, the ability to connect and manage one bank account

SlickPie (Free) - unlimited automated receipt entries, create quotes and estimates that can easily become professional invoices, connect PayPal and Stripe accounts

QuickBooks – invoicing, accounting reports, import from excel, connect bank accounts, track income and expenses

Xero – invoicing, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, multi-currency, payroll, expense claims, purchase orders

OneAccounting – billing & invoicing, budgeting & forecasting, various banking options, reporting

 You can visit the software websites, download their trial versions, and see how the tools measure up in your daily use.

Have in mind that switching accounting softwares can be a taunting task, so put in the right time and effort into deciding the best option for your company’s needs.

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