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As an accountant, bookkeeper or financial adviser, what are your biggest issues with Xero? What do you wish was done differently? What does it lack? What have you seen done better elsewhere? Please elaborate.

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Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution, offering a wide-range of accounting features. These include invoicing, payroll, expense management, projects, reporting and financial statements, with most tasks being automated. Xero is ideal for small to medium businesses but also includes several features suitable for bigger organizations. A mobile app is also available.

 As an accountant, some issues and shortages of Xero are the following:

  •  Customer service is lacking at times, being difficult not only to manage to contact them directly but taking too long to resolve issues. With deadlines and time restraints, especially during busy periods, this is very frustrating and creates issues on the workflow

  •  The inventory function could crash when there is a large amount of inventory items, making it inaccessible. In such businesses specialist apps for inventory and stock management need to be implemented instead

  •  User permissions are extremely restrictive

  •  Cannot bulk download invoices. If years of information needs to be accessed, each invoice will need to be clocked on individually to be downloaded. This is extremely time consuming and inefficient

  •  Bank feeds function crashes at times. Xero’s function to connect with the business’ bank account and then automatically import transactions into the accounting system, is proven not trustworthy as occasionally it will not load the information fully. It could miss transactions or repeat transactions, creating the need for a full reconciliation, transaction by transaction, which defeats the purpose of having such function in the first place

  •  The searchable fields in Xero are not as abundant as other accounting system’s search fields. Could be proven quite difficult to find an invoice previously entered where you remember only some of the information of it

  •  There is no function to summarise all POs of items bought from one supplier

  •  Could be proven complicated for inexperienced/new accountants with various features not being straightforward and the help function not providing the needed support

  •  VAT Return reconciliations could be very difficult to manage. If an invoice contains 5 items, the reconciliation screen will show every single item without being possible to retrieve a summary. This is not only time consuming, but errors could arise as well

  •  Xero lacks some basic features such as suppliers’ information box for additional notes such as addresses, no notification when invoices are paid, billings function hard to manage
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