arrow_back How can I keep up to date with changes to UK tax and other regulations?

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What are some newsletters, publications or other sources (free or paid) which I can subscribe to in order to keep informed about changes to tax law and related regulations in the UK?

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HMRC publishes some free bulletins containing first-hand updates. Of particular interest is the HMRC Agent Update with guidance and news for tax agents and advisers. There is also the HMRC Employer Bulletin with up to date information on payroll topics for employers and agents. You can subscribe to these online for free. 

In addition, there some paid source of high quality relevant information, updates and commentary such as Ross Martin (on-line only; accepts annual or monthly payments) and Tax Insider (only annual subscriptions; on-line materials as well as printed newsletters, reports and books).

All Q & A's and other resources on this website are, of course, available for free and questions are typically answered promptly by professional, qualified accountants and supplemented with valuable practical information the wider accounting practitioner community in the UK.

UPDATE: We have now also published an extensive curated list of UK accounting and bookkeeping forums, some of which you might find very useful.

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You can visit where there is regular update on tax and other regulation changes. Also the Big Four accounting firms, such as PwC and Deloitte post publications and newsletters on their websites, as well as host educational seminars - either free or paid. Of course posting your questions on this platform can give you fast and accurate answers as well!
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